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Rhiannon Ghost hunting in Bisbee AZ

Local Cemetary

Ghost Hunters Wanted!

Thank you for your interest in Paranormal Investigations!

Paranormal Investigations is a family of paranormal investigators and everyday people who believe there is more to life than just what we see or have been taught. The motto of our site is very simple - "Why kill the Living-When you can hunt the dead". Hunters for years have killed for sport, as many hunters say, "There is no thrill greater than what you get when you hunt and succeed in getting the Kill". I however disagree, as a Ghost hunter I have experienced moments of fear, thrill and disbelief that you only experience when hunting the dead. I, make hunting a family experience. My daughter's Rhiannon, Deana, Dawn and Danielle are all Ghost hunters with my youngest Rhiannon having hunted with me since the age of 11, we have had the most wonderful family trips that consist of quality time together when we Ghost Hunt. We have hunted all over the country from Gettysburg in the East to Tombstone in the West. We have experienced and documented many paranormal events during these trips but the thing we enjoy most is the time we share together doing it! This site will chronicle our experiences of course but more importantly, yours. We want to share our experience, knowledge and information on the best places to hunt with you so that you too may experience the thrills we have shared together. We know how expensive it can be to buy all the equipment needed for a successful, fun hunt so we have assembled a complete Ghost Hunting kit that you can rent for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy this equipment. more excuses to not hunt..we have made it easy and affordable for you. 

Join In the Hunt - Grand Hotel in Jerome data is in, look under Photo Gallery and Testimonials to analyze for us and report the results through the contact button

We need your eyes, ears and expertise to help us analyze the data we collect as we hunt. We will publish all the raw data we collect to this site within 4 hours of the data being collected, This will allow you, our web based investigators, to download , analyze and report your findings. The reason speed is important is to ensure our new Ghost hunting format of two nights per location can be successful will depend on the findings we receive. We will then target the areas you recommend or where we received good data.

What can you see in this Picture

Jerome Arizona

Light Anomaly Jerome Arizona 

Elevator Shaft where man losses head

Tombstone Ghost Hunt


Orb and crazy photo affect on Char, Notice how all other things in photo are focused except her?

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